BCW Programs

The Center for Wellbeing is a hub for black women and girls to come and learn skills applicable to their various interests, connect with other women and engages in activities that allow them to express themselves fully in all aspects of their undertakings. The Center engages in the following: 

  • Wellbeing Initiatives

  • Healthy Living

  • Counselling Services

  • Skills Training

  • Culinary Art

  • Fashion and Beauty

  • Creative Hub

Active Women Programs

  • Mental and Social Wellness Program

  • Empowerment by Arts and Culture


Black Girls Empowerment Program


  • Black Girls Leadership Program

  • Black Girls’ Corner

  • Inner Child Series

Seniors Programs 

The aim of the Seniors program is to help uplift seniors. In the community, seniors can suffer from isolation, especially the Black community and this program provides companionship and education on how to connect using digital tools and media.