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Inspire Black Canadian girls and women to strive for greatness. We believe that together we can make a difference and ensure the success of our collective future.

Email: info@bcwinaction.ca

Location: Edmonton, AB, Canada

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Get Involved!


Black Canadian Women In Action (BCW) needs your help! We're always looking for black women of action to join our committees to help develop programs, coordinate events, plan and execute projects. The list of to-dos is endless!

If you are interested in joining our committee, to volunteer your time, however short it may be; please complete the volunteer application form (link below), we would love to have you!

Perks of Volunteering with us include:

  1. Discount on the membership fee

  2. Build your professional network

  3. Training provided

  4. Develop soft and transferrable skills

  5. Develop communication and interpersonal skills

  6. Improve self-esteem

  7. Fun supporting a movement!


We Need Your Support Today!

Consider donating to our non-profit!

e-transfer to info@bcwinaction.ca

Board Position Vacancy


BCW in Action has a vacancy to join the Board of Directors as the Secretary, the Secretary is a member of the Board; she provides administrative and clerical support to the Board, through the timely and accurate collection and sharing of information directly related to its activities. The Secretary ensures that the Board is well informed and that its activities are well documented for the use of Board members, the Governance Committee and relevant government bodies.

Join Our Board!
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