Entrepreneurship Program

Black Girls Lead mentoring program will pair black girls between grades 10-12 with young adult black women in an area of interest to increase their leadership and reinforce positive role modeling.


This program addresses a need in the Black communities of Edmonton, by providing support to these girls and helping them to realize their skills and potential.


The goal is for them to realize the importance of their contribution to Canadian society with an emphasis on leadership, career development and mental health.

  • One to one informal mentoring: one mentor and one mentee spend time together building a friendship based on trust, support, common interests, and fun!

  • Mentors and mentees participate in a variety of activities and workshops


The mentees are Black Girls between Grades 10 and 12  who would benefit from the support of a mentor, our mentors are Black women who volunteers their time to invest in the professional and personal growth and development of a young person to help them achieve success through fun and friendship.


We will help these black young girls to establish a relationship with a black professional woman in the field of their career interest.

If their opinion doesn't put food on your table, then it's irrelevant

~Kim-Ann Wilson

BCW in Action


Inspire Black Canadian girls and women to strive for greatness. We believe that together we can make a difference and ensure the success of our collective future

Email: info@bcwinaction.ca

Location: Edmonton, AB, Canada

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