Black Girls Power Program

Black Girls Leadership (BGL)

Black Girls Leadership mentoring program will pair black girls between grades 10-12 with young adult black women in an area of interest to increase their leadership and reinforce positive role modelling.


This program addresses a need in the Black communities of Edmonton, by providing support to these girls and helping them to realize their skills and potential.


The goal is for them to realize the importance of their contribution to Canadian society with an emphasis on leadership, career development and mental health.

The Inner Child Series (ICS)

"The Inner Child Series" program aims to mobilize our young girls aged 6 to 11 years old and provide them with a safe place to learn, share, explore and appreciate the wonderful world of art.


The program encourages young girls to develop a better relationship with their inner voice through the expression and participation of Art through a variety of workshops.


(reading, crafts, storytelling, music, painting, dance and drama).


BGC is a unique space in the city for young black girls aged 12 to15 to socialize, learn and share. BGC engages girls through four pillars of interpersonal development: Self-Care, Self- Image, Empowerment, and Development. They have a safe space to communicate with each other about their issues (e.g. feelings, school, life, self-care, etc.). They girls will have the opportunity to explore, volunteer and learn the history of Canadian culture and their cultures. With trips in the city and its attractions, the girls will learn more about Edmonton's heritage, and the contributions of minority communities to Edmonton’s society.

Through the activities the participants would be able to enhance their creative thinking skills and observational skills, develop empathy and connect with history which allows them to be in tuned with their creative side.

They would be able to further explore and discover cultural impacts, history, techniques and meaning behind art.


BCW in Action


Inspire Black Canadian girls and women to strive for greatness. We believe that together we can make a difference and ensure the success of our collective future


Location: Edmonton, AB, Canada

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