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Black Canadian Women In Action

BCW In Action is a bilingual, non-profit organization committed to making a difference in the lives of families in Black Canadian communities living in Western Canada. BCW in Action's vision is to promote the empowerment of black Canadian women, girls and families in all sectors of society by building self-esteem, leadership and confidence through conferences, workshops, programs, etc.

Through its business entity; Black Canadian Businesses In Action, (operating under its acronym BCB In Action) brings together entrepreneurs and professionals and provides them with opportunities to develop personally and professionally through advocacy, education, leadership, networking, skills building, economic empowerment and programs. BCB In Action aims to be the leader in building a strong black business community in Western Canada, and to support, promote and empower black entrepreneurs to innovate and conquer national and international markets.

BCW In Action promotes cultural activities specific to our communities, which gives a sense of belonging to Canadian Society. By building bridges, partnerships and collaborations with other communities and organizations, BCW advances the cause of Black women, girls and families.

BCW In Action conducts research, compiles data and disseminates findings on the social, economic and cultural aspects of Black communities. 

"We believe all women can embrace who they are,

define their future, and can change the world."

- BCW In Action

Our Mission

Our Mission

To empower Black Canadian women and their families to explore, invest and exercise leadership in all sectors of Canadian society and beyond.

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Our Motto

Inspire, Empower and Engage with Confidence.


Our Vision

To be Canada’s leading organization promoting socio economic engagement and development for Black Canadian Women, Girls and Families.


Our Values


Integrity & Ethics






Social Responsibility


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